State of The Art ECM Solutions Suite for SharePoint and Office 365

Fotopia – a world-class suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications that is right at home in any organization which has already deployed Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365. No matter how large or small, irrespective of what your business is engaged in, Fotopia delivers extraordinary benefits and improvements... and that’s got to be good!

About us

Fotopia is so much more than a company, a suite of applications, a solution for document management problems… it’s the embodiment of focused development and lots of hard work by dedicated industry professionals. It’s a great example of synergy at work.

Fotopia has its roots in the early days of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions – at the point where parent company, Win Holding Group, first began implementing large-scale technology renewal and installation projects for major corporations and government departments. The implementation teams identified an urgent need to quickly and accurately digitize thousands of documents to accelerate enterprise-wide workflows. The Fotopia team was formed and soon devised an application to solve the problem.

Enter Fotopia on a grand scale. Fast, secure and highly-reliable, Fotopia Viewer, Capture and Discovery applications integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Today, Fotopia improves efficiency, enhances document sharing capabilities, and accelerates performance at many of the region’s leading organizations, enterprises and government departments. Learn More

Digitize your business by our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions

Not only will utilizing Fotopia boost efficiency far beyond simply using a standard ECM, Fotopia will have an immediate and lasting impact on your entire business performance.

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Smart Plug-in Solutions

Intuitive and easy to use, Fotopia Viewer, Capture and Search integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 ECM frameworks, adding extra functionality at every touchpoint.

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Boost Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Fotopia enables all your teams to work together as one cohesive unit – irrespective of where they are located. Each user has security-controlled access to documents & images for maximum efficiency.

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On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid...
We have the right ECM for you

Fotopia applications are built from the ground up to help you create an intelligent ECM. So whether you have an on premises SharePoint platform, a cloud solution or a hybrid of both, we'll help you elevate your documents workflow.

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Built-in Safeguards

At Fotopia, we call it ‘Valid Documents for Valid Users.’ This means that only users with the right security credentials have access to, and can take any action on, approved documents and images. And that’s got to be the right way.

Success Case Studies

We are pleased to share these case studies of clients who have integrated and benefited from Fotopia applications in their document management infrastructure.

Dubai Economy Development Department

Dubai Economy

Transformation from paper to digital documents.

Learn More

Dubai Maritime City Authority


Building a full ECM for multi-format documents.

Learn More

UAE Ministry Of Health

UAE Ministry Of Health

Digitizing paperwork & building a secure ECM.

Learn More

Union Insurance

Union Insurance

Full document digitization, with Cloud integration.

Learn More

Our Clients

Many organizations throughout the region, both large and small, have selected Fotopia to partner them on their journey to greater efficiency.

Fotopia – The Natural Partner to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 are at the pinnacle of the document management and storage systems sector, but they are both able to deliver much more… by integrating Fotopia added-functionality applications

In their basic forms, SharePoint and Office 365 are highly capable programs, yet many organizations simply don’t have the expertise to maximize their true potential. That’s where Fotopia steps in.

Our Capture, Viewer and Search plug-in applications bring exceptional performance benefits and help organizations manage their daily document flows with smooth, calm confidence.

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Clients' Testimonials

It’s always a great experience to receive positive feedback from our clients. It shows that the Fotopia applications and the people who stand behind them have achieved their intended outcomes and that our clients appreciated the efforts of a dedicated team. We pass these client comments along to everyone, because they are a source of great pride.

  • “Our implementation of Fotopia Capture comes as a positive step towards a complete document management solution (DMS) on SharePoint. Fotopia’s solution saved around 50% of our costs and provided an efficient solution for our team to use on their daily backlog operations”

    - Alia - IT Manager - Fujairah Finance

  • “We consider the digitization of our documents with Fotopia as our flagship initiative towards embracing Block chain technology. This will ultimately Improve our operational efficiencies and improve data access as well as enhance customer service experience“

    - Abdul Muttaleb Al Jaed - MD and CEO, Union Insurance

  • “We are glad that we have chosen Fotopia technologies for the project. The solution had a huge impact on the digitization of our documents, reducing our daily costs, improving our documents security and added more efficiency to our day-to-day team collaboration on SharePoint”

    - Mohamed Khalifa AlQaizi - IT Director - Dubai Economy

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