3 steps to move from Paper-Based Processes to Automated Digital Workflows

Within our current world, transformation is inevitable, and businesses can’t help but move from using physical documents to digital document management systems. Digital transformation forces entities to work with emerging and constantly evolving technologies and employs new enterprise document management software. Read More

7 Reasons to Make SharePoint Your Primary Document Management Software

The digitization of workspaces is unavoidable. Therefore, most business entities are sparing no efforts in developing strategies to implement a more digital workplace. And among the most significant and flexible ways for your business to go digital is employing SharePoint Online as an enterprise document management system. Read More

Business – Uninterrupted

Business – Uninterrupted Business continuity is vital to every enterprise. And assured continuity only comes from a carefully structured data and corporate recovery strategy – often crafted by professionals and designed by specialists in their field. In it’s simplest sense, Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) is a backup and restore strategy whereby an organization stores Read More

Document Capture, And Why Do I Need To Understand It?

The term ‘document capture’ – often referred to as simply ‘capture’ – is defined by The Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM) as: ‘covering the combined processes of document scanning, image correction, recognition of text, barcodes, form fields and output to an appropriate format for subsequent processing or archive storage.’ It’s rather long-winded, but Read more

The Growing Value And Importance Of ECM To SMEs

It will come as no surprise to learn that globally, SMEs are investing more and more financial and human resources in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Market research by Fotopia shows that close to 15% of SMEs have strategies in place to bring ECM solutions online in the short term. Even more significant were results fromReadmore