Business – Uninterrupted with Fotopia Capture

Business continuity is vital to every enterprise. And assured continuity only comes from a carefully structured data and corporate recovery strategy – often crafted by professionals and designed by specialists in their field.

In it’s simplest sense, Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) is a backup and restore strategy whereby an organization stores and maintains copies of electronic records in a Cloud repository as a corporate security measure. It is a fast, efficient and highly cost effective way for an organization to recover data in the event of a technology crash, malicious attack or disaster of some kind – fire, earthquake, flood, etc. For organizations that have failed to embrace a solution based on an ECM platform (Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, for example) recovering from a catastrophic data loss is a nightmare at best, totally unachievable at worst.

In enterprises that have a well-managed, wide-ranging ECM strategy with its cloud-based repository – a secure single location (or an interconnected number of locations) where all their proprietary documents and data reside – and therefore have all their critical information in a safe and controlled environment, automatic backup procedures can be implemented quickly and easily. The result is peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a data crash or worse, an enterprise can recover in as little as minutes – regardless of the failure, disaster or loss.

Of course, you have to get all the content into the repository in the first place, and be able to add and update content to keep your system current and relevant. Fotopia Capture is a vital link in the process of getting paper documents accurately indexed and stored. The easy-to-use application integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 to deliver a smooth flow of scanned documents into their correct locations for easy access and sharing by any authorized user.