DED ECM Transformation

From Legacy filing system to full fledged ECM document management.

Dubai Economy

Elevating capture intelligence: moving from legacy capture software to Fotopia Capture

The Old System

★ DED was using a legacy system for document management which was causing challenges that needed immediate action. The support system was too complicated and slow, the user interface was difficult for inexperienced users

★ The access rights management and permissions were a hassle, and the reporting tools were too limited.

★ Also, DED was already using Microsoft SharePoint for digital document storage, but with a very low ROI as their usage was limited to storing data—rather than taking full advantage of SharePoint for full content management and team collaboration.

The Approach

★ Dubai Economy partnered closely with InfasME—an authorized distributor of Fotopia technologies—to deliver a full-fledged DMS solution that covered all project requirements; replacing the existing legacy system.

★ The approach included utilizing DED’s existing SharePoint subscription and integrating Fotopia’s product suite to digitize all hard copy documents, improve capture efficiency, reduce overall costs, and allow proper team collaboration on digitized documents.

★ Fotopia Capture was implemented as an on-premises solution positioned on top of Microsoft SharePoint. It was used to capture all hard copies of documents and properly index them to be digitally stored in document libraries.

★ At the same time security preferences were applied at document level. Fotopia Viewer became an efficient tool to help manage day-to-day collaboration between team members in the IT, administration, business registration and finance departments.


Revitalized financial operations


Greater collaboration & productivity


Safer & more efficient

The Solution

★ All documents were migrated to SharePoint attached with metadata which significantly enhanced document size and resolution.

★ Fotopia Capture was provided with full integration with SharePoint features.

★ Customized search pages were implemented on top of SharePoint search feature so as to enhance user experience by delivering outstanding performance.

★ Web-based document preview with all metadata, and using Fotopia Viewer with full collaboration features.

★ Access rights management applied at document level.

Future Plan

In collaboration with InfasME and using Fotopia technologies, DED is planning to reduce the use of hard copies of documents to the minimum. Using Fotopia Capture and Viewer to fully digitize documents, DED aims to further reduce the costs associated with storage and document handling, whilst at the same time positively working towards a green environment


Replacing the legacy capture system that DED was using for digitizing its day-to-day documents, Fotopia Capture improved the overall efficiency of document capturing, attaining up to 50,000 scanned pages daily. Also, the existing SharePoint application is now fully utilized with positive ROI. The overall before and after situation is illustrated below.


★ Implementing the scanning solution to new agents was taking more than 2 days Searching for specific documents needed training to know folder structure.

★ Legacy system support was inefficient.

★ Viewing of documents was not undertaken on SharePoint.

★ All team collaboration was manual.

★ Minimum security as managing access control was done manually on-site, requiring extra time and effort.

★ Document storage was unstructured; every team was using their own folder structure.

★ No report could be generated on agents’ work.

★ Document size could be more than 500MB after exporting


★ Solution is web based, so in just minutes the agent has the right permission and is ready to work.

★ Thousands of documents can be searched in seconds with customized metadata.

★ Data stored on SharePoint with Microsoft support.

★ Documents easily viewed on SharePoint directly.

★ Full team collaboration via SharePoint and Fotopia.

★ Controlled and secure environment to the level of document type.

★ Documents stored in unified structure based on document type.

★ Multiple reports can be generated.

★ Document size is less than 1MB in database and after exporting.

The Solution implemented

Fotopia Capture

Fotopia Viewer


About Dubai DED

Dubai Economy (DED) is the government body entrusted set and drive the economic agenda of the Emirate of Dubai. DED supports the structural transformation of Dubai into a diversified, innovative service-based economy that aims to improve the business environment and accelerate productivity growth. DED and its agencies develop economic plans and policies, identify and support the growth of strategic sectors, and provide services to domestic and international investors and businesses.

Company Name: Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED)

Government Headquarters: Dubai,UAE

UAE Number of employees: 500-1000

Customers: Investors, small, medium and large enterprises

Documents Types: Purchases and contracts, invoices, legal documents, administration documents, correspondence, etc.

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