DMCA Migration to ECM

From paper document archives to modern ECM documentation

Dubai Maritime City Authority - UAE

Building a full fledge DMS for more than 140 document types and providing a handy search with outstanding performance

The Requirements

★ DMCA has enormous amount of hard copies which need to be scanned and archived in SharePoint DMS in a structured way for easy entry and retrieval.

★ Requirements included providing a user friendly capture solution and a robust customized search module to search and retrieve documents in less than five seconds.

★ Also, DMCA required a powerful business intelligence tool to showcase results on dashboards and reports as per employees request.

★ Moreover, the governmental entity required a highly secured and controlled DMS environment on SharePoint with security levels up to the document type.


Revitalized financial operations


Greater collaboration & productivity


Safer & more efficient

The Solution

★ Fotopia Capture will be used for capturing documents and exporting them into SharePoint directly, along with providing Fotopia viewer for better image viewing and collaboration, a search engine to improve the search and retrieval process over all documents with respect to documents permissions and providing robust reports built by SSRS.

★ Dubai Maritime City Authority partnered with InfasME—an authorized distributor of Fotopia technologies—to deliver a full-fledged DMS solution that encompassed all the project requirements.

The Implemented Features

Scanning & Indexing Modules Batch Administration Module Customizable Capture Work-flow Scanner Profile Settings Intelligent Document Compression Auto Page Separation Access Rights Management Quality Assurance Module Smart Folder Structure Comprehensive Dashboard Powerful search engine Documents viewing and annotations Signatures and Stamps.


Using Fotopia Capture and Fotopia Viewer, InfasME has created a full fledge enterprise content management system for DMCA that was able to organize and improve the SharePoint efficiency for handling 140 document types. The new features implemented allowed DMCA team to locate and retrieve documents in seconds, reduce costs of handling and storing physical documents, team collaboration using Fotopia viewer to view, sign and stamp document inside SharePoint and the DMS security is now to the level of document type. Detailed before and after situation can be seen below.


★ Hard copies were stored in warehouse, Digital files are saved in internal file server.

★ Searching for specific documents took days and some documents were very hard to locate and retrieve.

★ Internal file server is full of risks with no backup plan.

★ Viewing of documents was not done on SharePoint.

★ All team collaboration was manual Minimum security as managing access control was done manually onsite and needed extra efforts


★ All copies are digitized andstored on SharePoint On-Premisis.

★ Searching thousands of documents in 2 seconds with customized metadata.

★ Data stored on SharePoint with improved backup plans.

★ Documents viewing easily on SharePoint using Fotopia Viewer.

★ Full team collaboration on SharePoint and Fotopia Viewer.

★ A controlled and secured environment to the level of document type.

The Solution implemented

Fotopia Capture

fotopia viewer


About DMCA

Founded in 2007, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has brought about a radical change in the local maritime sector through an extensive range of industry initiatives and regulations which support its ambitious approach to creating a safe investment environment for industry leaders from all over the world, while reaffirming Dubai’s position as a firstclass international maritime hub. Established to monitor, develop and promote maritime activities, DMCA provides a platform of excellence and quality as it develops world-class regulations and guidelines to raise the bar on the maritime industry and boost its infrastructure, operations and logistics services while offering investment opportunities to boost Dubai’s competitiveness at the regional and international levels.

Company Name: Dubai Maritime City Authority

Industry: Government

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Number of employees: 10,000+

Document Types: Marine Craft [Certificate – Payment – Application – Invoice,.., etc.), Crew [Main Application, License, Payment, Medical, ..,etc.), Admin [Payment – immigration – Company letter, etc.]

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