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Fotopia Discovery provides unlimited access to enterprise-wide information libraries or repositories by authorized users.
The ability to search and display relevant results from within ECM is imperative for users to find the information they’re looking for. It enables users to quickly and easily locate and access content, regardless of file type, format, or location. Depending on search criteria, results are highly relevant meaning that search outcomes reduce the time and cost associated with wasted or duplicated efforts and improve user experiences.

The benefits of integrating Fotopia Discovery into your ECMs

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A customisable search engine

Create customized search criteria including filters, description, etc. to search and retrieve the correct document in seconds.

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Advanced Search

Search by keywords, starts-with-first-letter, or search belonging to a particular category according to specified criteria.

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Deep Text Search

A comprehensive enterprise content search method that compares every word of the search request against every word within a document or ECM database.

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Customizable User Interface

Fotopia discovery can be edited easily to incorporate you company branding into the discovery tool allowing your branding team to enforce the company’s brand among employees.

Fotopia Discovery in a nutshell

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Full ECM-Wide Crawling

Fotopia discovery has the ability to crawl through your entire EMC – depending on the level of user authority – searching for the correct & most appropriate results & bringing those to your desktop in order of relevance.

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Deep Query Processing

Fotopia Discovery employs an enterprise-wide ECM search engine that has the ability to search deeper than routine search methods, meaning that the outcomes are invariably more relevant.

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Detailed Result Sharing

Oftenly, the case that the outcomes of a specific search by a user can be required by another user at another location or later. Searches can be saved and shared across the ECM system for use by other users.


Long Story Short, Told by Who TriedThe Solution & Saw the Value .

“Our implementation of Fotopia Capture comes as a positive step towards a complete document management solution on SharePoint. Fotopia’s solution saved around 50% of our costs and provided an efficient solution for our team to use on their daily backlog operations”

- Alia -
IT Manager - Fujairah Finance

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