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3 steps to move from Paper-Based Processes to Automated Digital Workflows

Within our current world, transformation is inevitable, and businesses can’t help but move from using physical documents to digital document management systems. Digital transformation forces entities to work with emerging and constantly evolving technologies and employs new enterprise document management software.
You don’t need to sweat it though; your digital transformation journey can be quite easy if you follow few simple steps.

Step 1: Document
First of all, it makes all the difference to ensure that your business’s existing processes are well documented. If so, it will be relatively easy to transfer them into a digital environment using a document management system.
If your organization has poor or inaccurate documentation, it makes creating digital workflows a bit more complicated, especially if you want to make use of your SharePoint document management system, either on-premises or even on cloud using Office365.

Step 2: Engage your stakeholders
The second important step to having a reliable enterprise document management system is to discuss the whole process with your stakeholders. Every employee has to be in the loop when it comes to forgoing using physical papers and opting for a document management software. Also, you have to mirror all digital changes across all departments; by the time the HR department is digitizing contracts and bills, the finance department should also be digitizing their invoices and budget sheets.

Step 3: Choose the right software
Another thing that will immensely help in your digital journey is utilizing programs that you might already own license to, but are not getting their full benefits, such as SharePoint. Making use of SharePoint as a document management system, either on cloud if you already have Office365 license or on-premises will save your business a lot of time and effort and provide you with an enterprise document management software to store all your digitized documents in.
The entire business world is leaning towards electronic document management software, as they secure content from getting lost or damaged. By the same token, going digital and having an efficient document management software will help optimize your workflow and eliminate unnecessary steps that chips away at your teams’ valuable time.
If you’re ready to take the step and employ an enterprise document management solution, Fotopia’s experts are more than ready to help recommend you suitable document management software that will make your business life way easier.