SharePoint DMS

7 Reasons to Make SharePoint Your Primary Document Management Software

The digitization of workspaces is unavoidable. Therefore, most business entities are sparing no efforts in developing strategies to implement a more digital workplace. And among the most significant and flexible ways for your business to go digital is employing SharePoint Online as an enterprise document management system.

Here are 7 reasons to use SharePoint Online as your primary document management system:

Easy Access
As long as you have a working internet connection, you and your team members can use SharePoint from anywhere. This is especially helpful for companies that are based in multiple locations or have several remotely working employees. Fotopia solutions and SharePoint allow you to organize all your files and easily search for and retrieve them, directly from your document management software.

Provides Robust Security and Reliability
A common misconception about cloud services is being insecure, choosing SharePoint as your enterprise document management software totally eliminates this concern. With SharePoint, Microsoft takes full responsibility for both security and reliability. Thus, storing all your data within your document management system on cloud ultimately reduces the cost of purchasing expensive hardware for server rooms, as well as salaries for full-time staff operating them.
Cloud services are also more environment-friendly, as cloud-based enterprise document management systems allow you to eliminate all office papers and their related hassles. Additionally, storing all your files within an efficient document management system secures files from any unexpected disasters such as loss or damage. Fotopia provides you with a completely secure and reliable document management system to be implemented right on your SharePoint.

Encrypted Documents and Annotations
It’s all about your files’ security. Storing your data on your document management software allows you to share files with only intended people. Fotopia Viewer takes it to a higher level, adding another layer of protection to the enterprise document management system of your choice using Zone Encryption techniques. Thus, allowing you to hide certain documents in your SharePoint from certain users.

Data Loss Prevention and Easy Retrieval
Microsoft’s data loss prevention policy allows you to identify, monitor and protect the sensitive information from ever leaving your SharePoint. Moreover, Fotopia Discovery helps you search for and retrieve documents easily, right from within your enterprise document management software, in a matter of seconds.

Cost-Effective Subscription-Based Payment
SharePoint and Fotopia are subscription-based services. Your organization will be paying a low monthly fee for your enterprise document management software, as opposed to allocating a huge chunk out of your budget for any other document management software. Fotopia solutions grants you a comprehensive content and document management software, starting from only 12$ per month.

Seamless Integration
Fotopia works seamlessly with the programs you already know and use. As mentioned, it integrates with SharePoint and Office 365 as well, granting you a more comprehensive document management user-experience.

Availability of Customized Solutions

  • Fotopia Capture: Scan large number of documents (up to 50,000 pages daily), index, and access your data in SharePoint on your premises or SharePoint Online. Fotopia Capture employs powerful OCR engine, captures content from anywhere anytime to your document management software, and allows for batch administration, customizable workflow and regulatory compliance in your document management system.
  • Fotopia Viewer: View, edit, copy, stamp, annotate, and share content within your document management software.
  • Fotopia Discovery: Search for and retrieve documents within your enterprise document management software in a blink of an eye, with a customizable ECM search engine, deep text search, and a flexible user interface.