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Fotopia Document Viewer & collaboration solution SharePoint & Office365
View, scan, annotate and redact documents with Fotopia Viewer for SharePoint & Office365 and boost team collaboration.
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Boost Team Collaboration

Collaborate efficiently with your team through smart annotations & redaction.

Unlimited Scanning

Scan unlimited number of documents directly to your SharePoint or Office365 repository.

Universal document viewer

Fotopia Viewer is a universal viewer for any document type in SharePoint & Office365.

Reduce Document Handling Costs

Cut the time and costs associated with documents editing and approval.

View, stamp, annotate & redact critical info with viewer+

SharePoint and Office 365 ECM

Natural Partner to SharePoint & Office365 ECM

Fotopia Viewer is a complete document viewing & collaboration solution that integrates smoothly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365. Viewer adds a collaborative edge to your existing system, where you can accelerate the document's flow without haveing to replilcate files or paper copies.

Easily View Documents from Anywhere

Fotopia Viewer expands the scope of SharePoint’s already extensive functionality repertoire by improving the ability to collaborate with fellow users across the working environment. Scan, view, annotate and redact any type of document and share them securely with your team members.


What users say ?

Abdul Muttaleb Al Jaed
MD and CEO, Union Insurance

"Digitization of our documents with Fotopia as our flagship initiative towards embracing Block chain technology. This will ultimately improve our operational efficiencies & improve data access as well as enhance customer service experience."

Mohamed Khalifa Al-Qaizi
IT Director - Dubai Economy Development

"The solution had a huge impact on the digitization of our documents, reducing our daily costs, improving our documents security and added more efficiency to our day-to-day team collaboration on SharePoint."

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