Taking Union Insurance ECM to Cloud

Shifting the Enterprise's ECM to a secure Cloud Based ECM with fotopia & Office 365 integration.

Union Insurance

Full document digitization, creating a secure and controlled Cloud ECM using Fotopia technologies

The Requirements

★ Union Insurance has enormous amount of hard copies which need to be scanned and archived in SharePoint DMS in a structured way for easy entry and retrieval.

★ Requirements included providing a user friendly capture.

★ solution and a robust customized search module to search and retrieve documents in less than five seconds.

★ Also, Union Insurance required a powerful business intelligence tool to showcase results on dashboards and •Reports as per employees request.

★Moreover, the dynamic modern business entity required a highly secured and controlled ECM environment on Office 365 & MS Azure with security levels up to the document type.


Revitalized financial operations


Greater collaboration & productivity


Safer & more efficient

The Solution

★ Union Insurance partnered closely with InfasME—an authorized distributor of Fotopia technologies—to deliver a full-fledged document management solution that covered all project requirements. The solution included utilizing the company’s existing SharePoint subscription, moving it into Office 365 for an efficient cloud environment, and integrating Fotopia Capture. Microsoft Azure is also integrated for simultaneous data storage and transfer. This comprehensive array of applications would fully meet their needs by creating a powerful and scalable DMS that would improve overall efficiency and generate cost savings for years to come.

The Implemented Features

Scanning & Indexing Modules Batch Administration Module Customizable Capture Work-flow Scanner Profile Settings Intelligent Document Compression Auto Page Separation Access Rights Management Quality Assurance Module Smart Folder Structure Comprehensive Dashboard Powerful search engine Documents viewing and annotations Signatures and Stamps.


★ InfasME has improved the overall efficiency and reduced costs dramatically for Union Insurance through implementing the Fotopia Capture solution on the Cloud and saving data on Office365 and Microsoft Azure. Searching thousands of documents can be undertaken in seconds with customized metadata, security is implemented at document level, and ROI on the Office 365 subscription is now maximized.

Future Plans:

★ Hard copies were stored in warehouse, Digital files are saved in Using Fotopia technologies, Union Insurance is taking a bold leap forward in adopting blockchain technology to connect all it’s digital initiatives. The first initiative is the digitization of documents and linking of documents to smart contracts. This will give Union Insurance access to a secure decentralized infrastructure, which will help the company unify and continuously improve claims processing, underwriting and customer experience. In addition, this initiative will support many opportunities to improve data access to partners, customers, regulators and authorities.

The Solution implemented

Fotopia Capture

Microsoft Azure

office 365

About Union Insurance

Union Insurance is licensed by the UAE Insurance Authority and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. It was established in 1998 with paid-up capital of over AED330 million. The company provides a comprehensive range of retail and commercial insurance products to clients in the UAE and the Middle East region.

The company engaged InfasME to implement a Fotopia solution to convert hard copies of customer and departmental paperwork to a controlled, secure and easy to search & retrieve DMS. The main objectives were to reduce costs, minimize human effort and improve team efficiency, with the goal of becoming best-in-class in the MENA region.

Union Insurance struggled with millions of document pages that were stored manually in warehouses and internal storage areas. Their requirements included full document digitization within a full-fledged ECM that provided scalability and efficiency, along with a powerful search module to enable search and retrieval of any document in seconds, and from any location at any time.

Company Name: Union Insurance
Industry: Insurance
Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Number of employees: 250-500
Customers: Individuals, small, medium and large enterprises
Documents Types:Invoices, Claims, Customers individual documents, Inspection records, driving licenses, police reports,internal records, etc..

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